[Seaside] CSS dinamycally manipulated

Ramon Leon ramon.leon at allresnet.com
Sat Jun 9 22:04:23 UTC 2007

> Ah but you're thinking about just one possibility.  If CSS 
> were first class and easily manipulatable, then it would be 
> possible to make a CSS builder directly in Seaside.  Then 
> your company doesn't have to buy expensive software to allow 
> designers to style your pages.
> Having more options to do something doesn't give anyone more 
> work unless they choose to have more work.

Been there, done that, doesn't work, designers don't like code, and
programmers don't like the code generated by ANY fancy graphic front end
program.  Design doesn't belong in code and code doesn't belong in design.
CSS and HTML work quite nicely.

The last thing I want is another dreamweaver/flash thingy that writes
horrible Smalltalk code in Seaside that I have to work with.  CSS doesn't
belong in code.

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