[Seaside] CSS dinamycally manipulated

Boris Popov boris at deepcovelabs.com
Sun Jun 10 22:16:40 UTC 2007

The point people are trying to make (IMHO) is that adding CSS
canvas/brushes akin to existing HTML canvas/brushes is not going to be a
priority for core Seaside developers simply because this seems very
niche type of functionality at the moment and they would rather focus on
core elements that make Seaside appealing. That's not to say one
couldn't do it, I've added a similar thing to build up chart data in XML
and it's not rocket science per se, so there's no reason for someone who
needs it to avoid doing it themselves if they care to,

(xml column2D)
 caption: 'Recent Activity (10 days)';
 yAxisName: 'Volume';
 labelDisplay: 'stagger';
 rotateLabels: true;
 slantLabels: true;
 with: [dates do: [:date |
                   (xml set)
                     color: '8678f2';
                     label: (date printUsing: 'ddd, mmm dd, yyyy');
                     value: (somevalue)]]



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> Ramon Leon wrote:
> > Been there, done that, doesn't work, designers don't like code, and
> > programmers don't like the code generated by ANY fancy graphic front
> > program.  Design doesn't belong in code and code doesn't belong in
> design.
> > CSS and HTML work quite nicely.
> >
> > The last thing I want is another dreamweaver/flash thingy that
> > horrible Smalltalk code in Seaside that I have to work with.  CSS
> doesn't
> > belong in code.
> >
> So you're saying designers shouldn't use "fancy graphic front end's"
> just write everything by hand in CSS?  You can't be serious.
> Anyway, it doesn't matter what you, I or we on the list think people
> *should* be doing, there are people who *do* want to do such things.
> The reason systems like Joomla are popular is because designers can
> design the site from within the site.
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