[Seaside] CSS dinamycally manipulated

Sebastian Sastre ssastre at seaswork.com
Mon Jun 11 18:51:58 UTC 2007

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> But since these aren't integrated with Seaside I don't see 
> how they could have the same level of flexibility one could 
> have from within Seaside.  For example, if CSS became a first 
> class option [1] and a WYSIWYG style editor was made to 
> replace the style editor we have now (that big box that just 
> dumps CSS text into a class side method) then the editor 
> could let one design components [2] individually.  This way, 
> since the style is something the component itself carries 
> with it, the component would look how the designer styled it 
> no matter where it wound up in the web application.  And if a 
> developer used an old component again in a new set of pages, 
> it still has the same look the designer gave it originally.
> There are a lot of options here, and if no one else is ever 
> interested I will eventually do it myself because for me and 
> the designers I work with it would just be too useful not to do.
> [1]  NOTE: This isn't me trying to put work on Philippe or Lukas'
> plate.  This isn't a priority for them as you stated earlier, 
> and I don't blame them at all.  This is just me expressing an 
> idea I don't have time to do right now in case someone else 
> found it interesting [2]  By component I mean a class or 
> group of classes that make up some functionality that can 
> stand on it's own.  Examples: a calendar, the counter, the 
> page display functionality in the sushi store, a big bold 
> dynamic page title, a PRWidget, etc.
As I've said, I'm pro this. The way the components look should be
controllable (and reusability allowed) by designers. So an integrated
seaside "resource" (I mean the View part) editor is desirable. The problem
could came for experience architects or experience designers who also will
wish to be able to experiment behavior to confirm if the application's
usability experience they have planned/imagined are confirmed pragmatically.
Behavior implies code. Reuse of components as if they where widgets could
make this feasible I think.



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