[Seaside] #updateUrl:

John Thornborrow john at pinesoft.co.uk
Tue Jun 12 09:11:01 UTC 2007

Hello all,

Could anyone please see if they can see any errors/problems that would
prevent the component(s) shown below as content from having #updateUrl:

renderContentOn: html
    | content |
    content _ (Smalltalk at: (registry at: 'content')) new registry:
    html div id: 'page'; with: [
        html div id: 'header'; with: [
            html render: header].
        html render: menu.
        html div id: 'content'; with: [
            html render: content].
        html div id: 'footer'; with: [
            html render: footer]]

I have abstracted the #updateUrl: method and all my components are a
subclass of it, where they simply override a #url method to return the
string value to be added to the path:

AbstractComponent>>#updateUrl: aUrl
    aUrl addToPath: self url


Here is an example of what a component returns:


I have placed a "self halt" in the AbstractComponent>>#updateUrl:
method, and the only objects which have this invoked are the root
object, and the menu - yet the header, footer, and content objects are
all subclasses of the same abstractcomponent.. am I losing my marbles?

Many thanks,


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