[Seaside] Dynamically placing components on a page

Petr petr at madnetwork.org
Fri Jun 15 00:41:08 UTC 2007

Hello Seasiders,

I am working on an application, where the user should have the 
possibility to add and remove components from the page at runtime. More 
or less it should be a wiki, where each page can contain not only text, 
but also WAComponents, which the user can place into the page using some 
XML tags. The closest similar application is the google's personalized 
homepage (http://google.com/ig).
The user is supposed to click on a link on the page and the edit a XML 
code which contains the description of the content of the page and then 
just save it.
I parse the content of the XML and generate the page accordingly. My 
problem is when the page is edited and newly rendered, I overwrite the 
array returned by MyPage >> #children with the list of the new 
components, which is probably not what I am supposed to do, because when 
I do this, calling other components doesn't work (any link which is 
supposed to call another component just doesn't do anything).
So my question: Is there a way how the user can add/remove components on 
a page at dynamically without breaking anything?


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