[Seaside] Web controls for Seaside

Lukas Renggli renggli at gmail.com
Fri Jun 15 18:29:27 UTC 2007

> In order to ease the work with our web application  we have added component
> support for Seaside. It's what is called "AJAX Framework" out there,
> although we preferred not to call it "framework" nor toolkit by now. Much of
> the ideas of this package are based on WindowBuilder Pro, a commercial
> window builder that enables visual programming.

That sounds very exciting. Is the JavaScript part specific to Seaside
or did you reuse an existing libraries?

> Right now we have support for most common web controls (TextField, Panel,
> RadioButton, TextArea, Label, Button, Anchor, CheckBoxGroup,
> RadioButtonGroup, ListBox, FieldSet) and we are working on a builder tool
> for generate Seaside components (pages) dinamically. We call it
> SeasideBuilder.

Will SeasideBuilder also allow to visually connect controls with each
other and the model, like this is done for example in Cocoa? How does
it update the control (polling, server push)?

> With the builder you'll have to pick the control you want, configure
> properties, preview if you want it, and finally add to a page layout tree.
> When the tree is already configured properly, code for the rendering and
> controls is compiled into the class, along with tree support for future
> editing with the tool, although this is under heavy developement.

Drag & Drop? Will you be able to edit a control again, after it has been added?

> Maybe this work could be interesting for someone out there. If so,  we'd
> have to ask our institution for permission to release a public version under
> an appropiate licensing (GPL, LGPL, BSD, etc).

That would be great! Please consider that Seaside and most (if not
all) Seaside related frameworks are released under the MIT license.

Looking forward testing your "framework".


Lukas Renggli

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