Guiding the Albatross to the VW-Seaside? [was: [Seaside] Seaside for VisualWorks]

Michael Lucas-Smith mlucas-smith at
Wed Jun 20 21:15:00 UTC 2007

> Some UI testing tool like Watir (Ruby, see [1][2]) or Albatross (Squeak, 
> see [3][4])on VW would be nice.
> I am aware of the Seaside Testing Tool from David Shaffer[5], but a 
> framework capable of replaying JS scripts and showing the stuff happening 
> in some browser would be nice - both for the test driven developers and 
> their customers.
> Maybe guiding the Albatross to the VW-Seaside would be an option?
This is nice. When we did web testing before I moved to Cincom we 
utilised the known properties of the server side code instead of 
bouncing back to the web browser itself. Mostly because of:
a) Speed of running the tests
b) Ease of writing the tests

In the end we wanted to do testing like this - so I whole heartedly 
support this idea. It's going on to the project backlog. Thanks for 
bringing it to my attention.


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