[Seaside](Newie)The "right" way to CRUD

Eugenio Innocenti eugenioin at gmail.com
Sat Jun 23 13:23:57 UTC 2007

I'm starting to play with Seaside and Magma (and Smalltalk too :).
But I still don't realize how it would be the right way to do a CRUD.
I'm watching some tutorials (some uses Magritte, some are old), but still
nothing clear to me.
I want to know eg: I have my Person class, I have some instances stored in
Magma (or could a simple collection), now I want to be able to create a
Person from a form, edit it, and delete it.
There is a "right" way to do this?
There is a "right" way to manage transactions in this process?
Does anybody has an example to point me?

Thank you very much.
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