[Seaside] Best way to embedding Seaside in static HTML?

Ruben Bakker ruben at mailplaneapp.com
Mon Jun 25 13:34:17 UTC 2007

I have some static pages (with navigation) etc. that are served by apache.
These pages are designed and published with RapidWeaver. Seaside is used for
some forms "inside" the static pages. Therefore I have setup apache to
proxy/reverse proxy Seaside.

The "embedding" is done with iFrames:

     <div id="content">
          <iframe name="target"
               id="target"></iframe> <!-- End content -->

It works. However, some users experience problems:
- the back key doesn't work correctly
- the seaside app is rendered after the static contents
- some browsers don't support the iframe tag
- Refresh the page doesn't refresh the iframe in some browsers

Is there any better way to achieve the same goal? I know the opposite
(seaside on the "outside") would work better, however I do have more static
contents and want the static pages to perform as fast and as reliable as
Thanks for your help!
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