[Seaside] How to Implement a Website

Richard K Eng II richard.eng at rogers.com
Fri Jun 29 05:02:27 UTC 2007

Hi. I'm a Seaside/Smalltalk newbie. I've studied a number of tutorials and I've read quite a few blogs about Seaside. But I am still puzzled about how to implement a traditional website consisting of a number of webpages that are linked together (eg, homepage linked to "about us", homepage linked to "products", homepage linked to "contact us", etc.). You navigate these webpages by clicking on the various menu selections. But how do you implement that in Seaside?

Do you create a component for each webpage with its own renderContentOn: message? If so, how do you invoke a webpage component when you click on one of the menu anchors (eg, html anchor callback: [???] with: 'about us'.). Is this even the correct approach using Seaside?

Please forgive my newbie ignorance.

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