[Seaside] How to Implement a Website

Richard K Eng II richard.eng at rogers.com
Fri Jun 29 11:02:06 UTC 2007

I thought one of the advantages of Seaside was being able to do away with 
HTML templates and to generate HTML programmatically. If a particular 
webpage consists of a mix of HTML (from the traditional website) and a 
dynamic web app, are you supposed to generate HTML just for this webpage? 
How do you get your website to serve up *both* the traditional webpages and 
the Seaside app? (I saw a blog that explained how to setup a virtual http 
host and a Seaside server in Apache2, but I am unclear about the mechanism 
by which traditional webpages and the dynamic app coexist.)


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>> Do you create a component for each webpage with its own renderContentOn:
>> message? If so, how do you invoke a webpage component when you click on 
>> one
>> of the menu anchors (eg, html anchor callback: [???] with: 'about us'.). 
>> Is
>> this even the correct approach using Seaside?
> You will have a hard time building a traditional web site with
> Seaside. Seaside's target is building dynamic Web Application. It is
> possible though.

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