[Seaside] How to Implement a Website

Lukas Renggli renggli at gmail.com
Fri Jun 29 12:01:52 UTC 2007

> I thought one of the advantages of Seaside was being able to do away with
> HTML templates and to generate HTML programmatically.

Yes, but programmatic HTML generation does not scale for static web
site, in my opinion. For dynamic web applications this is clearly an

> If a particular
> webpage consists of a mix of HTML (from the traditional website) and a
> dynamic web app, are you supposed to generate HTML just for this webpage?

Pier was designed for that. It allows to combine static XHTML
(generated from a simple wiki syntax or using plain XHTML) and dynamic
Seaside components. I might be biased here, as I am the author of

> How do you get your website to serve up *both* the traditional webpages and
> the Seaside app? (I saw a blog that explained how to setup a virtual http
> host and a Seaside server in Apache2, but I am unclear about the mechanism
> by which traditional webpages and the dynamic app coexist.)

There are certainly other possibilities. Basically you can use the
following expression to emit some static blocks of XHTML. I know of
very few use-cases though.

   html html: '<div>...</div>'


Lukas Renggli

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