[Seaside] Help getting started

Cédrick Béler cbeler at enit.fr
Thu Mar 1 18:31:15 UTC 2007

> After a couple years away from Smalltalk, I thought I'd put
> Squeak/Seaside on a server I have as an excuse to play around with ST
> again.  But I found myself at a bit of a loss as to how to get the
> thing up and running so I can play with it.
> The way I'd setup a Lisp-based system would be to start the Lisp image
> on the server running under screen and detach from it.  When I want to
> hack the system, I'd remotely connect to the running image with an
> Emacs-based ide, or attach to the screen and start up the Lisp's
> built-in ide, connecting to the correct X11 display.  When done
> hacking, I'd disconnect/close the ide, and leave the server running.
You can do the same with squeak, and the RFB package...
but for using squeak, I prefer to use it locally... but this is possible...

plus you have a seaside interface to launch/close the rfb server
> Translating these concepts as best I can to Squeak, my impulse is to
> create an image loaded with Seaside, etc., along with
> RemoteFrameBuffer, on my local machine.  I'd then start the image up
> running in headless mode on the server, and much like with Lisp,
> detach the screen and connect to the running image with a VNC client.
> Is this reasonable/normal?  How do you all setup your environments?
> My ST experience has so far been limited to doing things locally on
> one machine.
Take a prepared squeak image with seaside like Damien's one or Ramon's 
- load the RFB package (http://squeaksouce.com/RFB) - add this 
repository in monticello
--- change the password   RFBServer setFullPassword
- initialize the WAVNCControler (the seaside app) - WAVNCControler 
- open the web server (WAKom startOn: 8080) or open the VNC server (open 
- then save the image... put it on your server
- lauch the image headless:    nohup squeak -headless your.image &

then you can connect to the seaside vnc app to start the server

or if already opened when saved, you can directly connect with you vnc 



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