[Seaside] Help getting started

Norbert Hartl norbert at hartl.name
Thu Mar 1 18:43:31 UTC 2007


> Translating these concepts as best I can to Squeak, my impulse is to
> create an image loaded with Seaside, etc., along with
> RemoteFrameBuffer, on my local machine.  I'd then start the image up
> running in headless mode on the server, and much like with Lisp,
> detach the screen and connect to the running image with a VNC client.
> Is this reasonable/normal?  How do you all setup your environments?
> My ST experience has so far been limited to doing things locally on
> one machine.
For me this is normal. I develop everything local on my notebook. I
have here the same apache setup as on the server. I have my developer
image and a smaller image. When I'm lazy I just copy over my working
version to the server to get everything up very fast. I don't use
VNC for developing very much because it is much slower than to work

My plans are to use the KernelImage from Pavel. It is an incredible
valuable work for e.g. server deployment. It's an image with nearly
nothing in it but everything is loadable to customize the image. I don't
know if it is possible to use RemoteFrameBuffer on it. But the best 
way for deployment will be to have a bootstrap script. This script 
can take the kernel image and installs everything's needed into it. 
Then you have a tiny and best customized image to run. If
RemoteFrameBuffer works there is even space for hot fixes ;)



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