[Seaside] character encoding again

Sten Kvamme sten at kvamme.se
Sun Mar 4 20:48:47 UTC 2007

I'm new here and would like to introduce myself, skip to section two  
for the question. I have been programming for 25 years but never in  
Smalltalk. It was Seaside that made me sit down and give it a try.  
However, the whole idea of programming in a running system takes some  
time to grasp. My current programming languages are Java, C and  
Prolog. I live in the south-west of Sweden.

I have browsed thru the archives but couldn't find anything about  
converting accented characters to "HTML encoding". I would like the  
swedish Å (an A with a ring) to be converted to Å in HTML  
source, just as & is converted to &

This is done in the WAAbstractHtmlBuilder class method initialize if  
I am not mistaken. If I add my own accented character there, how can  
I get the change to take effect. (sorry for this newbie kind of  

Code snippet:
	#($" 'quot' $< 'lt' $& 'amp' $> 'gt' $Å 'Aring') pairsDo:
		[:c :s | HtmlCharacters at: (c asInteger + 1) put: ('&',s,';') ]


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