[Seaside] character encoding again

Sten Kvamme sten at kvamme.se
Mon Mar 5 09:22:47 UTC 2007

> To answer your question: Evaluate
>     WAAbstractHtmlBuilder initialize
> what will rebuild the updated encoding table.
> Cheers,
> Lukas
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Thanks Lucas,

It works great! I'm blushing, the answer was even right under my nose  
(as usual). Anyway, Here is the HTML encoding I am using for the  
upper part of the Squeak character set (only a couple of characters  
are missing). You have probably done this already.

	"WAHtmlBuilder initialize"
	HtmlCharacters _ Array new: 256.
	0 to: 255 do: [:ea | HtmlCharacters at: ea + 1 put: ea asCharacter].
	#($" 'quot'
	$< 'lt'
	$& 'amp'
	$> 'gt'
	$¡ 'iexcl'
	$¢ 'cent'
	$£ 'pound'
	$€ 'euro'
	$¥ 'yen'
	$§ 'sect'
	$© 'copy'
	$ª 'ordf'
	$« 'laquo'
	$¬ 'not'
	$® 'reg'
	$¯ 'macr'
	$° 'deg'
	$± 'plusmn'
	$µ 'micro'
	$¶ 'para'
	$· 'middot'
	$º 'ordm'
	$» 'raquo'
	$¿ 'iquest'
	$À 'Agrave'
	$Á 'Aacute'
	$Â 'Acirc'
	$Ã 'Atilde'
	$Ä 'Auml'
	$Å 'Aring'
	$Æ 'AElig'
	$Ç 'Ccedil'
	$È 'Egrave'
	$É 'Eacute'
	$Ê 'Ecirc'
	$Ë 'Euml'
	$Ì 'Igrave'
	$Í 'Iacute'
	$Î 'Icirc'
	$Ï 'Iuml'
	$Ñ 'Ntilde'
	$Ò 'Ograve'
	$Ó 'Oacute'
	$Ô 'Ocirc'
	$Õ 'Otilde'
	$Ö 'Ouml'
	$Ø 'Oslash'
	$Ù 'Ugrave'
	$Ú 'Uacute'
	$Û 'Ucirc'
	$Ü 'Uuml'
	$ß 'szlig'
	$à 'agrave'
	$á 'aacute'
	$â 'acirc'
	$ã 'atilde'
	$ä 'auml'
	$å 'aring'
	$æ 'aelig'
	$ç 'ccedil'
	$è 'egrave'
	$é 'eacute'
	$ê 'ecirc'
	$ë 'euml'
	$ì 'igrave'
	$í 'iacute'
	$î 'icirc'
	$ï 'iuml'
	$ñ 'ntilde'
	$ò 'ograve'
	$ó 'oacute'
	$ô 'ocirc'
	$õ 'otilde'
	$ö 'ouml'
	$÷ 'divide'
	$ø 'oslash'
	$ù 'ugrave'
	$ú 'uacute'
	$û 'ucirc'
	$ü 'uuml'
	$ÿ 'yuml') pairsDo:
		[:c :s | HtmlCharacters at: (c asInteger + 1) put: ('&',s,';') ]

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