[Seaside] anchor not working?

Sau Sheong cssheong at pacific.net.sg
Mon Mar 5 18:36:20 UTC 2007


I was trying out seaside trying to build a simple app but I was blocked
trying to create a link.


SaushTest>>renderContentOn: html
  html anchorWithAction: [Smalltalk beep] text: 'Beep!'


>From the documentation this should produce a beep but instead it
produces this error:

MessageNotUnderstood: WARenderCanvas>>anchorWithAction:text:

    * WARenderCanvas(Object)>>doesNotUnderstand: #anchorWithAction:text:

          self    a WARenderCanvas
          aMessage    anchorWithAction: [] in
SaushTest>>renderContentOn: {[Smalltalk beep]} text: 'Beep!'
          inst vars
          currentBrush    nil
          parentBrush    nil
          painter    a SaushTest
          context    a WARenderingContext
          callbacks    a WACallbackRegistry

I'm using Seaside 2.7 which I just updated from SqueakSource. Actually
most of the anchors don't work. However when I tried an older version of
Seaside it seems to be working. Any clues as to why this is happening? Thks!

CHANG Sau Sheong

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