[Seaside] registerObjectForBacktracking

Norbert Hartl norbert at hartl.name
Thu Mar 8 15:20:40 UTC 2007


I know this is a subject that comes along on a regular
base :) But in all pages I found I cannot say that I
understand it completely. I want to know what is this
call exactly for. 

If I have a component which consists of sub-components
I have to take care what is returned by the children
call. I know it works without but it causes problems.
I don't know exactly when the problem arises. 
Same is with sub-components which are stored in an
ivar and which get exchanged according to the state
of the component. 

So when do I have to use registerObjectForBacktracking?

- If I use sub-components in an ivar and want to be sure
  the back button is working properly?
- Any other cases?
- Are the children call and the registerObjectForBacktracking
  somehow exchangeable?

thanks in advance,


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