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Though it is admittedly small comfort, I have been recently cheered by my
success in evangelizing Scratch and Squeak and Seaside to my son's middle
school (6th grade, 11-12 year olds) class through their "Applied Tech"

The good news is that it is catching on like wildfire (my son is swamped wih
kids wanting to teach them) and the teacher is also enthusiastic because the
kids have never been this excited before.

Aren't you all teaching your kids Smalltalk?  You should.  :)

On 3/8/07 8:01 AM, "Ron Teitelbaum" <Ron at USMedRec.com> wrote:

> Hi Ramiro,
> Very good questions, I really do not know how big the community is.
> Squeak-dev has about 1500 members and it looks like a large number of those
> do not receive mail.  I can imagine that a number of people that use squeak
> say 9/10 are not involved enough to want to be subscribed to squeak-dev.  So
> a guess is that there are around 10 thousand squeakers.  I was happy to see
> that our percentage was higher, but only about 1% then last year.  I have to
> wonder how many people that signed up on squeakPeople have dropped out of
> the community and if the 1% increase was just new members.
> Anyway I'm doing my part on weeklysqueak.wordpress.com to bring in new
> people.  We are getting 300-700 hits a day!  With all the developments like
> Croquet, Sophie, OLPC, Scratch . we should be entering a new phase that will
> revitalize the community.
> Happy Squeaking!
> Ron Teitelbaum
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> I'm happy we had elections with such a fine group of candidates running.
> Heck, I know it is certainly not the same, but I was never able to say the
> same about any election process here in Argentina :)
> What I'm not happy about is the size of the community, we had only 182
> votes!  It's unbelievable insignificant...  I am a bit sad about it.
> Does anybody have an estimation of how large the is the Squeak community,
> besides the "voting" community ?
> I know that with the OLPC project, in 10 years we will have miiiiiilions of
> young guys and gals who know how to code in Smalltalk, and then.... we'll
> take over the world ;)
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