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Boris Popov boris at deepcovelabs.com
Sun Mar 11 04:43:27 UTC 2007

In our experience #2 worked best. Our designer mocks up a page in html, styles it, I reproduce the code in seaside and voila. All the styles are linked externally (linktostyle: in updateroot:) although image is able to serve the files as well to take advantage of source control as well as simplify develoment setup. In deployment the resource URL points to an outside server that has a copy of the files. I'm planning on blogging a little more about the details in the weeks leadind up to my report at smalltalk solutions too.


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I'd like to get some ideas on how to work with css editors. How do you 
work with them? What is your workflow for receiving and installing 
updated css stylesheets? I can think of a few ways, I'm sure there are more:

1. Give them the image and let them run the image locally.
If you do this, what is their workflow updating css files and viewing 
content? The only way I can get css to work when running a image locally 
is to use FileLibrary and to change the FileLibrary methods themselves. 
I haven't been successful finding a way to get seaside/pier to find css 
files that are external. Oh.. I take that back. If I use David's 
method[1], I can place the css files under FileRoot and the Kom server 
finds them. But PNGs referenced in the css files aren't found. Don't 
know why.
I guess the css designer would need to deliver the text of the css 
methods and the webmaster can install however the web server is serving 
the css files.

2. Fake it and don't give them anything. Let them create their own html 
content for testing. I assume that this is the common practice.

3. Give them access to /seaside/<application> so they can toggle the 
halos and place css stylesheets using the "Style Editor" halo. As with 
#1, I don't know where to place PNG files so that css stylesheets can 
actually find the PNGs. Is anybody using this method to change css?

4. others?

I'd like to hear what you do, since you guys have been running seaside 
sites much longer than me!



brad fuller
  +1 (408) 799-6124

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