[Seaside] Re: elections

Alan Capewell alan.capewell at softwareag.co.uk
Mon Mar 12 09:28:34 UTC 2007

> From: Daryl Richter
> Though it is admittedly small comfort, I have been recently cheered by my
> success in evangelizing Scratch and Squeak and Seaside to my son's middle
> school (6th grade, 11-12 year olds) class through their "Applied Tech"
> teacher.
> The good news is that it is catching on like wildfire (my son is swamped wih
> kids wanting to teach them) and the teacher is also enthusiastic because the
> kids have never been this excited before.
> Aren't you all teaching your kids Smalltalk?  You should.  :)
> --
> Daryl
> http://itsallsemantics.com
> "We want great men who, when fortune frowns, will not be discouraged."
>     -- Colonel Henry Knox, 1776

Hi Daryl

I go into my Kid's school once a week to teach Scratch to 9 & 10 year-olds. 
Their enthusiasm is amazing.

These guys love playing computer games but when you say "How about we write our
own game?" their eyes light up big and bright.  Now some of the kids are
teaching their parents too!


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