[Seaside] Articles of seaside for production

Adrian Lienhard adi at netstyle.ch
Mon Mar 12 13:36:11 UTC 2007

Hi Sebastian

On Mar 12, 2007, at 14:14 , Sebastian Sastre wrote:

>  I was reading Scaling Seaside from Ramon L. and I finally  
> understood the path that a Seaside application is going to take for  
> scaling from thenths to thousands of users.

Can you elaborate on your requirements? Do you mean concurrent users,  
each hitting the app once a second?

> I think we need a lot more of detailed articles like this so new  
> people can understand how to mount productive (from development to  
> production) metodologies that match their needs.

indeed, more experience reports would be interesting...

>  I'm saying this because after reading that I read the Ruby scaling  
> strategies and there I've found the basic ideas I was wanting for.

what are they?

> So I think we need to write more about our experiences !

In my experience, the bottleneck mostly is the persistency and not  
Seaside (e.g., optimizing Postgres queries was most effective).  
Obviously, this depends on the kind of application you have. So you  
might want to explain your situation and requirements and ask for  
specific advice.


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