[Seaside] Working with CSS designers

Jason Johnson jbjohns at libsource.com
Tue Mar 13 05:57:10 UTC 2007

Brad Fuller wrote:
> Jason Johnson wrote:
>> What I do is take advantage of the fact that Comanche is a full web 
>> server.  I have a htdocs directory like one would have with apache 
>> with an /images directory.  I can verify the image can be served just 
>> by surfing to it as I would with apache.  Then my seaside app can 
>> simply reference the resources where they are (e.g. /images/logo.png).
> Hmmm... I can do the same thing using the way David does it[1], but I 
> can never get any browser to render images. For instance, in Firefox, 
> clicking on any png/jpg/gif in the directory listing results in:
> "The image “http://localhost:9999/path/box-bottom-right.png” cannot be 
> displayed, because it contains errors."
> But, there are no errors in the graphics files. Is this a mime error 
> with Kom?

I saw this too the other day.  My brother-in-law does all my graphics 
work and the last picture he sent me said that.  But it looked funny 
when loaded from the file system (i.e. no web server) as well.  I told 
him and he resaved it with his graphics program and now it works.

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