[Seaside] Call For Design for the Seaside web site

Daryl Richter ngzax at comcast.net
Wed Mar 14 08:34:14 UTC 2007


On 3/14/07 4:01 AM, "Lukas Renggli" <renggli at gmail.com> wrote:

>>> Could you use the seaside logo to see how it would fit?
>> Maybe you could put a tiny white seastar as the dot of the i in
>> Seaside? I think that would look quite nice. Most Web 2.0 logos are
>> the product name in bold fonts, mostly with a subtle tweak somewhere
>> ... Sebastian, if you want I can give you the vector shape.
> I have something along the attached file in mind. It is a bit tricky
> to do on the existing template bitmap, but I guess one can see how it
> is supposed to look like.
> Lukas


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