[Seaside] Call For Design for the Seaside web site

Hans N. Beck private at hans-n-beck.de
Wed Mar 14 10:00:43 UTC 2007


what about a starfish which could be rotated as a menu chooser ? What about 
on the fly change of different coasts style (for different aspects?) 
Carribian coast  with fine sand, grey atlantic coast, cold nord sea etc.... 
All to demonstrate on-the-fly style change, a "living" Website. What about 
some light animated waves...... This all as a further development of the 
current style......



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> Could you use the seaside logo to see how it would fit?

Maybe you could put a tiny white seastar as the dot of the i in

Seaside? I think that would look quite nice. Most Web 2.0 logos are

the product name in bold fonts, mostly with a subtle tweak somewhere

... Sebastian, if you want I can give you the vector shape.

No other people want to comment on the design? No other proposals? If

not, I will transform it to the new site as soon as possible ...




Lukas Renggli

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