[Seaside] Call For Design for the Seaside web site

Michael Davies mykdavies+squeak at gmail.com
Wed Mar 14 11:14:40 UTC 2007

Hi Lukas,

I know it's easier to critique someone else's work than to be original
oneself, so I'd like to start by thank you and Samuel for actually
trying these ideas out! I know what to look for in visual design but
have little creative ability myself...

Here's my comments:

I like the star idea - would it be better filled with a sandy yellow
so it looks more like a starfish? That would also give us two colours
to use as highlight colours on the rest of the page (like python.org,
flickr.com, and existing seaside.st). To me, the star looks 'wonky' -
does it look better upright?

But this raises the question of whether it is intended that the
"seaside+star" logo be *the* logo for Seaside? The existing
"waves+sun+seaside" logo is pretty nice - is it clear that it's not
working for us?

If we do want to replace it, it would be useful to think about some of
the other usages of a logo before committing to a final design:
How will the logo be used as a standalone image (eg on the wikipedia
page) - what colors will be used? Just the star, or seaside+star with
a transparent background?
How will the logo be used with extra text for buttons on other pages?
(eg there's useful space at the top left for "powered by" or "made
with" etc, and at the bottom right for "2.0" or "inside") - it would
be useful to have a couple of samples, using a widely available font
so that people can make their own if required.

On the page design generally I like the layout and use of the space,
though there's a lot of different colours and a few different families
of fonts used - I think cutting down on both would give a cleaner
look. I'd also be interested to see a mockup of one or two of the
detail pages to see how the look translates to the rest of the site -
what navigation elements remain, how much of the content is available
from each page etc.

I hope that this feedback is of use to you,

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