[Seaside] Call For Design for the Seaside web site

Samuel MORELLO samuel.morello at ouvanous.com
Wed Mar 14 13:07:00 UTC 2007

Hello and thanks for your comments.

Concerning the seaside logo, i can not answer if seaside need to change or
keep the existing one.
But if we want to move on a logo like the one use in this proposal, i can
continue working on and submit proposals based on this one to get feedback
and modify it in consequences .

Could you details a little bit more on which fonts and colors you want to
adapt ?
I can make new proposals based on your remarks.

I have started to do something for the page inside but was waiting for
comments on this design.

Should you have any comments feel free to send it.

Thanks again,


On 3/14/07, Michael Davies <mykdavies+squeak at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Lukas,
> I know it's easier to critique someone else's work than to be original
> oneself, so I'd like to start by thank you and Samuel for actually
> trying these ideas out! I know what to look for in visual design but
> have little creative ability myself...
> Here's my comments:
> I like the star idea - would it be better filled with a sandy yellow
> so it looks more like a starfish? That would also give us two colours
> to use as highlight colours on the rest of the page (like python.org,
> flickr.com, and existing seaside.st). To me, the star looks 'wonky' -
> does it look better upright?
> But this raises the question of whether it is intended that the
> "seaside+star" logo be *the* logo for Seaside? The existing
> "waves+sun+seaside" logo is pretty nice - is it clear that it's not
> working for us?
> If we do want to replace it, it would be useful to think about some of
> the other usages of a logo before committing to a final design:
> How will the logo be used as a standalone image (eg on the wikipedia
> page) - what colors will be used? Just the star, or seaside+star with
> a transparent background?
> How will the logo be used with extra text for buttons on other pages?
> (eg there's useful space at the top left for "powered by" or "made
> with" etc, and at the bottom right for "2.0" or "inside") - it would
> be useful to have a couple of samples, using a widely available font
> so that people can make their own if required.
> On the page design generally I like the layout and use of the space,
> though there's a lot of different colours and a few different families
> of fonts used - I think cutting down on both would give a cleaner
> look. I'd also be interested to see a mockup of one or two of the
> detail pages to see how the look translates to the rest of the site -
> what navigation elements remain, how much of the content is available
> from each page etc.
> I hope that this feedback is of use to you,
> Michael
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