[Seaside] Call For Design for the Seaside web site

Brad Fuller brad at sonaural.com
Wed Mar 14 20:26:27 UTC 2007

Michael Davies wrote:
> Okay, I got my hands dirty...
> I looked at the existing logo again and I think it's actually very
> good, so I had a play with the existing seaside page to see if a few
> tweaks could start to liven it up.
> I used kuler to touch up the colours - the seaside logo is now in
> Mediterranean colours rather than North Sea colours!
> I used Century Gothic from the logo as the headline font, using
> colours from the palette that I generated in kuler.
> I copied Samuel's idea of a bottom-of-page navigation bar, and added
> some other areas of colour to liven the page up.
> Now I did all this in a simple image-editing package (Seashore by
> coincidence), so this image isn't great, but I think it shows that
> there's things that could be done with the existing look.
> So what do people think?
> http://mykdavies.seasidehosting.st/resources/seasidepage.png

I like the bolder colors of the logo and of the site.
I like the seaside logo: it is modern and shows sea and sun. IT would 
also work well if it needed to be B&W or grayscale at some point.

I wouldn't make the text black, though. A little to bold for the rest of 
the colors.

The Star could be different. Don't know how... but it's a different 
design style from the seaside logo. Then again, if it's kept the 
viewer's focus would bounce back and forth between the star and the 
seaside logo. If removed it could balance off the heaviness of the left. 
If kept, links on the left could be moved to another place.

I like the bkg gradients. How is that done in seaside?

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