[Seaside] Call For Design for the Seaside web site

Rick Flower rickf at ca-flower.com
Wed Mar 14 20:55:32 UTC 2007

Brad Fuller wrote:
> Michael Davies wrote:
>> Okay, I got my hands dirty...
>> I looked at the existing logo again and I think it's actually very
>> good, so I had a play with the existing seaside page to see if a few
>> tweaks could start to liven it up.
>> I used kuler to touch up the colours - the seaside logo is now in
>> Mediterranean colours rather than North Sea colours!
>> I used Century Gothic from the logo as the headline font, using
>> colours from the palette that I generated in kuler.
>> I copied Samuel's idea of a bottom-of-page navigation bar, and added
>> some other areas of colour to liven the page up.
>> Now I did all this in a simple image-editing package (Seashore by
>> coincidence), so this image isn't great, but I think it shows that
>> there's things that could be done with the existing look.
>> So what do people think?
>> http://mykdavies.seasidehosting.st/resources/seasidepage.png
> I like the bolder colors of the logo and of the site.
> I like the seaside logo: it is modern and shows sea and sun. IT would 
> also work well if it needed to be B&W or grayscale at some point.
I wonder if the top-logo (star fish + ocean/sun) might look better as a 
real image (e.g. photo) if it wasn't too huge
to download and find a nice star fish image to layer on top of the left 
side.. I poked around on images.google.com
and also on pbase.com for various things but I suspect it would be 
better to create an image from scratch using a
camera (preferably with a wide-angle lens).. I was thinking of an image 
that would show a tropic beach with the
sun in one corner and perhaps a palm tree nearby along with the starfish 
at the far left -- obviously a wide image..
Anyway, I'm guessing this will be shot down, but thought I'd throw it 
out there anyway.. :-)

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