[Seaside] Call For Design for the Seaside web site

Brad Fuller brad at sonaural.com
Wed Mar 14 21:22:32 UTC 2007

Rick Flower wrote:
> Brad Fuller wrote:
>> Michael Davies wrote:
>>> http://mykdavies.seasidehosting.st/resources/seasidepage.png
>> I like the bolder colors of the logo and of the site.
>> I like the seaside logo: it is modern and shows sea and sun. IT would 
>> also work well if it needed to be B&W or grayscale at some point.

> I wonder if the top-logo (star fish + ocean/sun) might look better as a 
> real image (e.g. photo) if it wasn't too huge
> to download and find a nice star fish image to layer on top of the left 
> side.. I poked around on images.google.com
> and also on pbase.com for various things but I suspect it would be 
> better to create an image from scratch using a
> camera (preferably with a wide-angle lens).. I was thinking of an image 
> that would show a tropic beach with the
> sun in one corner and perhaps a palm tree nearby along with the starfish 
> at the far left -- obviously a wide image..
> Anyway, I'm guessing this will be shot down, but thought I'd throw it 
> out there anyway.. :-)

The nice thing about photos is that they can transport the viewer to the 
scene immediately - if it's executed well. If not, it just sucks.
For the most part, photos are not done well on website, AFAIHS. It would 
be a great exercise to add a photo(s) on the site as long as it supports 
the concept of the site and is integrated well with the rest of the 
design. It needs to be part of the overall design, not an add-on.

I think seaside needs to keep the logo (or create a new one if needed.) 
Logos provide immediate recognition of the product or service. Keeping 
the current one, and maybe changing the colors or sprucing it up, will 
help continue the recognition of seaside.

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