[Seaside] SeasideInstaller is allright?

Chris Cunnington cunnington at sympatico.ca
Sat Mar 17 18:42:25 UTC 2007

I use this one for getting Seaside into Squeak:


It has worked fine for me. I found it by following the links through the
jungle from the Seaside download page (which starts at Seaside Installer,
and is currently a broken link).

I find that if I get a Seaside package from SqueakSource, on its official
page, one of the geyser of hundreds listed there (and increasing every three
days) they don't work for me when I try to load them into Squeak. The link
above, though, if you load it in with File Loader, will do all the work for
you. At least that has been my experience, but you never really know around
here ... 

Hope that helps,

Chris Cunnington

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