[Seaside] HIGH CPU - not frozen, but s...l....o....w seaside image

John M McIntosh johnmci at smalltalkconsulting.com
Thu Mar 22 21:06:04 UTC 2007

I'm wondering here if it printed the diagnostic messages to your  
console log? If you are on a mac look at your console.log and  
system.log via the Console application. The printAllStacks() should  
have sent output to stdout

"Note that if you are debugging an already running program that you  
have attached to in GDB (as opposed to launching the app from within  
GDB), stdout and stderr will not be hooked up to the Terminal (they  
will point most likely to the Console or to Project Builder's Run  
tab, depending upon how you have launched your app)."

So yes perhaps output to Console?

On Mar 22, 2007, at 1:44 AM, Florian Minjat wrote:

> That's what I did each times.
> But the first time, with the frozen image without nohup, I didn't  
> get anything with gdb more than this :
> (gdb) call printAllStacks()
> $1 = 2
> (gdb) call printCallStack()
> $2 = -1551081468
> With no output.
> I tried with the advice of Adrian to redirect stdout and stderr  
> inside gdb (http://developer.apple.com/technotes/tn/tn2032.html),  
> but with no success.
> So I killed it and relauched with nohup, and when it froze again I  
> got the output I wanted in the nohup.out file.
> But the problem is : why did the headless image froze when it got a  
> call to InputSensor>cursorPoint ? There should be a safety in this  
> method to answer 0 at 0 when the image is headless for example.
> Another problem is that is worked a little (50-70 calls to  
> InputSensor>cursorPoint) and then the image was to slow (100% cpu)  
> to do it. So this behavior could be triggered somewhere else in the  
> image and is annoying to debug...
> Florian

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