[Seaside] HIGH CPU - not frozen, but s...l....o....w seaside image

Florian Minjat florian.minjat at emn.fr
Fri Mar 23 09:23:44 UTC 2007

 From the output (with the C backtrace) I've got, I think my problem 
was that the call to InputSensor>cursorPoint during a data save on a 
file using SmartRefStream. The image was headless and it stuck trying 
to find the cursor position for the progress bar. I got rid of the ui 
stuff in SmartRefStream. I will wait to see if it hangs again.


bryce at kampjes.demon.co.uk wrote:
> Florian Minjat writes:
>  > That's what I did each times.
>  > But the first time, with the frozen image without nohup, I didn't get 
>  > anything with gdb more than this :
>  > (gdb) call printAllStacks()
>  > $1 = 2
>  > (gdb) call printCallStack()
>  > $2 = -1551081468
>  > With no output.
>  > I tried with the advice of Adrian to redirect stdout and stderr inside 
>  > gdb (http://developer.apple.com/technotes/tn/tn2032.html), but with no 
>  > success.
> The reason I suggested getting the C backtrace was to see if it
> was failing in the GC or elsewhere. Failing in the GC could be caused
> by many things as the GC does not react well to a corrupt heap. 
> I've seen Squeak lock up consuming 100% CPU due to the 2 Gig memory
> problem due to using ints rather than unsigned ints for address
> calculation. 
> It would be helpful if you could find out if your problem is related
> to that, or something new.
> Bryce

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