[Seaside] Re: how to catch multiple value from a list in a select form?

Hilaire Fernandes hilaire2006 at laposte.net
Sun Mar 25 11:26:22 UTC 2007

Philippe Marschall a écrit :
> 2007/3/25, Hilaire Fernandes <hilaire2006 at laposte.net>:
>> I have found the following to not work as expected:
>> html attributes at: 'multiple' put: 'multiple'.
>> html openSelect.
>> IFIAdult functions do: [:afunction |
>>     html
>>        optionWithLabel: afunction
>>        callback: [teacher addFunction: afunction]] .
>> html closeTag: 'select'.
>>  From this code snippet it could be expect the callback to be called
>> several time with the selected values from the list, but this never
>> happen. If so, how can be catched the selected values?
> IIRC Lukas fixed once a bug related to multiple select lists (or
> implemented them at all). So probably they don't work in the old
> renderer at all (need a hidden input or whatever). Just one more
> reason to not use the old renderer, there are enough other because
> this of course.

Oops, I am afraid I don't know about old/new renderer. I have just look 
at the doc on seaside.st.


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