[Seaside] getting the browser's screen resolution?

Lukas Renggli renggli at gmail.com
Mon Mar 26 14:47:01 UTC 2007

> Lukas, thanks for your reply. I've copied your code into a #renderContentOn:
> with a "self halt" to inspect the values of width and height and they are
> nil everytime, so that's why I've asked to you again.

Did you add SULibrary to the list of libraries of your application?

Another possibility is that your browse doesn't work with
Scriptaculous, but that is less likely.

> I don't know if I missing some package or something else, but you're saying
> this class comment in SURequest is enough for understanding how to use the
> class?
> "Initiates and processes an AJAX request."
> (sorry, as I'm not an AJAX programmer, I didn't expected to learn first Ajax
> to then get back to Smalltalk)

Well, you asked how to get the browser size. Unfortunately there is no
easy way to get to this information. No matter what framework you use
you need some dirty Javascript tricks (as far as I know). You don't
necessarily need AJAX tough.

If you are not into JavaScript and HTTP hacking you should maybe
rethink if you really need this information and start with something
simple? Later on it will be certainly easier to find a solution that
works well for you.

> The method comment in #callback:value you're saying it's ok for
> understanding what does the method, and maybe as a developer concerned with
> the internals of the framework is even perfect and enough, but it's
> difficult to me (and I guess all first-time Scriptaculous users) to see the
> general context for its use. I've browsed 8 senders, most of them starts
> with #triggerSomething. 2 of them are documented but no senders, so I can't
> get a general view for it's use. Going to a sender of one of the
> #triggers...

These triggers are just convenience methods for #callback:value: to
convert the result to objects, etc.

> Sorry for asking this, but I think with more and good code comments the
> seaside community will be benefitted a lot and no-one will complaint for
> helping newbies (or unexperienced AJAX programmers) to use the framework
> easier.

We are constantly adding comments. Moreover there are many threads in
the mailing-list about the use of specific features of Seaside, such
as the Scriptaculous integration. One thing that is crucial in this
context (and any other context involving Javascript) is that you use
FireFox with FireBug (http://www.getfirebug.com/) loaded. Using this
tool you will be able to tell exactly why the code doesn't work for


Lukas Renggli

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