[Seaside] [ADD] WASelectTag>>enablementBlock

Boris Popov boris at deepcovelabs.com
Tue Mar 27 00:27:09 UTC 2007

If you ever needed to build a list with certain elements that aren't
supposed to be selectable, here's a change that lets you do the

(html select)
 list: self countyChoices;
 selected: self country;
 enablementBlock: [:ea | ea notNil];
 labels: [:ea | ea
                 ifNil: ['-----------------------------']
                 ifNotNil: [ea description]];
 callback: [:value | self country: value]

where #countryChoices returns a collection of countries separated by nil
into section with most popular countries and the rest underneath.


WASelectTag>>enablementBlock: aBlock
 enablementBlock := aBlock

WASelectTag>>isDisabled: option
 ^enablementBlock notNil and: [(enablementBlock value: option) not]

WASelectTag>>optionsOn: html
 brush := (html option)
		disabled: (self isDisabled: each);
		selected: (self isSelected: each);

Hope this gets integrated at some point :)



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