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Michael Roberts mike at mjr104.co.uk
Thu Mar 29 23:32:59 UTC 2007

Philippe has already talked about some of the starting points....

> BTW (and this is not a criticism of Seaside but rather the docs)  
> there is quite a bit of confusion for me about what exactly a  
> component is expected to do and what not. Like: the component  
> shouldn't worry about pages but it needs to worry about forums.  
> Having the responsibilities stated somewhere would help me getting  
> a better feel for understanding how to structure seaside apps.  
> There are various other areas (the use of styles and css, or meta  
> tags for example) that I'm not at all sure where the responsibility  
> lies.
> Any good places to read up on? (where is the Seaside book when you  
> need it ;-)

In a way just to code, rather than talk, I have attached a very silly  
and simple application.

It shows
*component composition
*REST URLs  (in a most basic manner)

It doesn't do any style since I just hacked it up; you would just  
need to remove all the html breaks and sprinkle some css.  If you are  
interested I would be happy to do that.

It is probably not one for the experts on this list, since it is a  
bit dumb, but if you can understand what it does then you should have  
all the starting concepts (including REST which we don't start  
with!).  At the very least, if you pick a fully loaded Seaside image  
like Damien's squeak-web then you can browse all the senders of the  
framework's messages and see better examples.

For me, in absence of a book, I find Seaside easier to learn by doing  
rather than trying to comprehend entirely up front.  I know that  
doesn't help you pick your framework but I would imagine that you  
need to take a punt in either direction anyway.



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