[Seaside] Re: Seaside and REST

Göran Krampe goran at krampe.se
Fri Mar 30 08:21:17 UTC 2007


> Colin Putney wrote:
>> Hope this help with your decision,
> Yes, indeed it does. I think I'll try a mix-and-match approach and see
> where this gets me: Use HV2 for the RESTful parts and Seaside for the
> more complex ones. If it ends up all being Seaside in the end (or all
> being HV2) that's fine - for now I like to be able to try out both
> approaches and delay any irrecoverable decisions for a while. I think
> there is room for both in what I'm doing and learning about the
> strengths and weaknesses of each approach can't hurt.

I will send you write access to the HV2 repo. Don't hesitate to improve on
it. :)

regards, Göran

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