[Seaside] seaside production traffic rates

David Shaffer cdshaffer at acm.org
Sat Mar 31 16:21:58 UTC 2007

Dale Henrichs wrote:
> There has been some recent discussion about various configurations of 
> Seaside applications aimed at handling larger loads. I'm interested in 
> understanding the range of loads people are seeing (or anticipating) 
> in production applications:
>     * number of concurrent users
>     * rate of http requests (peak and average per unit of time)
>     * session expiry seconds used (do you use the default of 600 seconds?)
> We'd like to incorporate some "real-life" data into our presentation 
> at Smalltalk Solutions in Toronto in a few weeks.
> Dale
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> _______________________________________________

Currently I have five small Seaside+GOODS apps running on a single 
server with two Squeak images running separately.  I proxy through 
apache which also serves absolutely _all_ of my static content (CSS, 
images, files).  I have no formal load measurements but at any given 
moment I have 10-20 active sessions total.  Session life for most of 
these applications is 24 hours but a session is considered "inactive" 
after 10 minutes without a request.  My estimate of my peak load is 
about 2 to 3 requests per second but I suspect that it is rather 
non-uniformly distributed.


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