[Seaside] spooky seaside

Norbert Hartl norbert at hartl.name
Wed May 2 07:37:30 UTC 2007


yesterday I showed a colleague our webapp. He wondered
about the "strange" URLs. The next thing he was starting
to notice that the _k parameter has something linear in
it. So he played around entering URLs as derivate from the
URLs he got from a loaded page. After 4 attempts he got
the WADispatcherEditor. I was shocked.

The only reason for this I found is that I had this page
open in my browser. Otherwise it wouldn't be possible to
get a page by guessing the _k parameter, right? Nothing 
really strange so far. But the _k parameter he used was 
completely different to that I had on the Dispatcher Editor. 

So I like to know a few things:

- how is the _s and _k parameter build? Is it possible to
  get the same page (stack pointer) with two different
  _k parameters?
- What is the best way to remove WADispatcherEditor. When
  I remove it it still has references and stays as AnObsolete.
- Where is this session protection thing and how do I enable

thanks very much,


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