[Seaside] spooky seaside

Bany, Michel mbany at cincom.com
Wed May 2 09:14:57 UTC 2007

> yesterday I showed a colleague our webapp. He wondered about 
> the "strange" URLs. The next thing he was starting to notice 
> that the _k parameter has something linear in it. So he 
> played around entering URLs as derivate from the URLs he got 
> from a loaded page. After 4 attempts he got the 
> WADispatcherEditor. I was shocked.

Are you sure it was WADispatcherEditor?

It could also be WADispatcherViewer which happens to be the default
entry point in a standard Seaside setup. You are always taken back to
default entry point (if one is defined) when something is wrong in the

> - What is the best way to remove WADispatcherEditor. When
>   I remove it it still has references and stays as AnObsolete.

Have a look to the method comments in WAComponent class >> isDeployed.
You may also want to disable the default entry point.


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