[Seaside] [ANN] [VW] Seaside 2.7b1 ready for VW

Boris Popov boris at deepcovelabs.com
Wed May 2 15:55:16 UTC 2007

Awesome, look forward to giving it a whirl when I get back from STS,


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Subject: [Seaside] [ANN] [VW] Seaside 2.7b1 ready for VW

I just published the first version of Seaside 2.7 on the public
VisualWorks Store repository.
The bundles to be loaded are

	SeasideForWebToolkit (2.7b1.1.0,mbany)
	SeasideForSwazoo (2.7b1.1.0,mbany)

What's new in Seaside 2.7

- WARequestHandler refactorings
- Canvas renderer is default, the old renderer is deprecated
- New, canvas like header api
- File libraries
- Some tools have been cleaned up
- New image map api
- Many new XHTML elements
- WAAnchorTag >> #text: has been deprecated
- Removed WATagBrush >> #tooltip:
- A deprecation api to make all these deprecations possible
- Ability to open a debugger on the rendering stack of an element
- Pretty printer fixes and improvements (including comments)
- Cookie fixes
- Convenience methods in WARequest
- Many bug fixes
- Class and method comments
- And more

What's new in Seaside 2.7 that is specific to VisualWorks

- The integration layer has been heavily reworked as a consequence to
the WARequestHandler refactorings  
- The installer has been reworked to allow for urls like in Squeak, i.e.


Because the canvas renderer is now the default, Seaside 2.6 components
that are using the old renderer will need to be changed to work in
Seaside 2.7. There are two possible strategies, either add a
#rendererClass methods to the affected components or rewrite their
rendering code to use the canvas api.

Seaside add-ons

The latest versions of SeasideAsync, SeasideScriptaculous and
SeasideImageTools are expected to work fine with Seaside 2.7.
SeasideTesting will probably not work at all in Seaside 2.7. Most of the
other add-ons are untested for now.

VisualWorks 7.5

VisualWorks 7.5 distribution CD includes Seaside 2.6 and adds-on
deployed as parcels. These parcels are equivalent to the corresponding
latest versions published on the public Store repository. The CD also
includes parcels for a preview version of Seaside 2.7 which is only
slightly behind the version from the public Store repository.

As you can imagine, feedback is most welcome.


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