[Seaside] Re: [ANN] GemStone BOF at Smalltalk Solutions 2007

Yanni Chiu yanni at rogers.com
Thu May 3 05:30:03 UTC 2007

Thierry Thelliez wrote:
> For the free version there is not VW access. How will code
> browsing/updates be possible? Through Monticello only? Can Squeak be
> used to directly browse/update GemStone code?

The demo showed a Squeak image with a modified System Browser
that was able to browse the GemStone database. I don't recall
seeing a Workspace or Debugger onto GemStone, nor do I recall
seeing any code update being accepted from the browser running
in Squeak. There was a login window (probably implemented with
Morphic) that is the equivalent of the login window you'd see
in a VAST or VW GemStone client.

In the demo, a topaz window was used to start the Seaside server.

IIUC, the intention is that a Squeak image would be used
to browse/update, debug, and run doit's. This image would
not be a full GBS, like you'd have with a non-free VAST or VW
client - i.e. there won't be any transparent object replication
to the Squeak image, message forwarding, etc.

IIUC, the SqueakSource application was ported to run under
GemStone/Seaside, and any .mcz's uploaded to such a server
would be persisted by GemStone, instead of in the filesystem.
It's unclear to me how the .mcz would then be installed into
the GS server.

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