[Seaside] Newbie Questions

Piero Sartini lists at pierosartini.de
Thu May 3 11:31:36 UTC 2007

Thank you all for the answers so far!

> You shouldn't care too much about deployment in the beginning. 

You are right, I should have something to deploy before thinking about how to 
do so ;-)

Its just that I am (still^^) developing in java and its confusing not to 
have application servers, deployment descriptors and all this stuff around .. 
everything is just that straight ... i guess its best to forget about all 
these java problems when doing smalltalk.

> You shouldn't just telnetting. It is still a oodb ;)

Yes - just wanted to see if it started up ... and was a bit shocked that it 
crashed that easy .. but this may not be the list for such issues.

> Chris is
> also a very helpful guy (as nearly everybody in the smalltalk community
> ;) )

Yes, as far as I can say smalltalk people are indeed very nice :-)


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