[Seaside] Generating HTML documentation on seaside.st

William Harford seaside at harford.org
Fri May 4 17:43:55 UTC 2007

Ok I updated the documentation on the seaside.st website that deals  
with the old render stuff to use the new canvas. I would like  
everyone who is willing to to check it for any stupid errors I might  
of made.

I took the quickest route possible for modernizing the documentation.  
I used the existing documentation at a template for the updated  
documentation. While the updated documentation is factually accurate  
I don't think it represents the elegance and simplicity of Canvas  
accurately. Please post any sugestions or thoughts you might have on  
how the documentation could be written or constructed to better  
reflect how canvas works. I think it is important in the seaside  
documentation to assume your reader has only a minimal knowledge of  
Smalltalk. So we might be better off explaining things like cascades  
to the reader.

Comments or suggestions?


On May 3, 2007, at 10:12 AM, William Harford wrote:

> The Generating HTML documentation badly needs updating. I am  
> willing do it as soon as I can (sometime this week) and would like  
> to know what is the best way I could go about doing so.
> At Smalltalk solutions at least 3 people commented that the  
> Generating HTML documentation on the website was a major obstacle  
> to them getting started with Seaside. It was difficult to tell them  
> "sorry no one was gotten around to fixing it yet". So if it is  
> alright with everyone I would like to fix it.
> Thanks
> Will
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