[Seaside] Usage of WASession>>sessionCookie

Sophie Server sophieb4 at gmx.de
Mon May 7 07:32:46 UTC 2007

Hello everyone, 

I've just experienced some difficulties to implement a "Keep me logged in" mechanism.

I want to use the "out - of - the box" - Session Cookie in order to have the session id of the current user stored in a cookie on the local machine, and the same session id stored into the database on my server.

When starting a new session I thought of comparing the last session id of the user in my database and the "local" last session id read out if the cookie. If both match then the User could be logged in without password confirmation.

The Problem with that built-in session cookie that it is set automatically with every new session, that means that the principle described above, does not work properly.

To fix that I use a second cookie to store the old session Id - on demand (Keep me logged in is selected), but this was way is  highly redundant from my point of view:(.

Finally, my actual Question: What is the actual use of that built-in session cookie? Can I set it manually on demand? Or am I on a completely wrong way?

Thanks to all,

Norman Holz

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