[Seaside] Pondering if Dojo javascript toolkit ismore convenientthan Scriptaculous for Seaside solutions

Rick Flower rickf at ca-flower.com
Thu May 10 23:34:52 UTC 2007

Boris Popov wrote:
> In most cases where you'd like to emit this kind of thing, what you're
> really looking for is a simple subclass of WABrush, for instance I have
> a thing called ChartTag,

[ ... ]

> all of which gets used just as any other brush,
> (html div)
>   style: 'padding-top: 0.5em;';
>   with: [(html chart)
>            type: (Charts flash: 'Column2D');
>            size: 610 @ 300;
>            callback: [:xml | self recentChartOn: xml];
>            with: []].

Thanks Boris.. I was actually looking at WABrush earlier but was afraid 
it wouldn't support js emission early in the game to get into the <head>
portion of the HTML document.. Right now I'm using the #updateRoot: on
my WADecoration based object to do that and it works fine.. However, I
like what you've done above much better.

P.S. Assuming I keep the backwards compatibility of the existing 
SeasideYUI code, are you OK with me making updates to the existing 
package on the Cincom repository?  Thought I'd ask before I stepped on 
any toes.. (8->

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