[Seaside] Strange url when sessions expire

Martial Boniou martial.boniou at ifrance.com
Fri May 11 11:57:57 UTC 2007


I noticed a strange behavior in my urls when sessions expire. When I
want to write accents in my url (when I use Pier-Blog for example), the
special characters are transformed in escape http symbol: 'Étoile'
normally becomes '%C9toile'. It works great and my navigation/anchors
have good shape. But when my session expires, the same anchors with the
good '%C9toile' string in the goto url is corrupted to '%C9%B4oile' when
the url is parsed and requested.

I think the problem concerns the way Seaside rewrites urls when session
expires in order to remove the unused key parameters.

I use seaside 2.8a1-lr.220 (I think I noticed this problem in 2.7 too),
KomHTTPServer-gk.14 and KomServices-gk.3. The 11 tests of WAUrl and
WAPlatform pass well on squeak 3.9/3.10 (both Damien dev images).

Maybe german and japanese Seaside people had experienced such a


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