[Seaside] Configurations

Patrick Collison patrick at collison.ie
Sat May 12 13:05:29 UTC 2007


I'm trying to learn a little about how to correctly use configurations
in Seaside. Has anything being written on the topic? The best thing
I've found is a mail to this list a while ago from Avi Bryant that
gives a rough overview of their goals.

My particular problem right now is to do with obtaining the value of
an attribute from outside of a subclass of WAComponent: I've added a
subclass of WAConfiguration to my application, and this is used to set
the foo parameter. I want other classes in the system to be able to
access the value of this. Right now, I hack it in a pretty ugly way by
doing "(WADispatcher default entryPoints at: 'myApp') configuration
valueAt: #foo".

I know that this is ugly design on some level (e.g. if one Squeak
image wanted to run two instances of my application, it could cause
problems), but this method at least allows me to do all configuration
from within the browser.

Ideally I'd be able to update a class instance variable of some class
every time the WAConfiguration-subclass's parameter is changed (so
that I can then get the value by doing FooClass foo). Can this be
easily achieved?



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