[Seaside] Using javascript toolkits for smalltalkers

Sebastian Sastre ssastre at seaswork.com
Sun May 13 16:48:50 UTC 2007

Hi Lukas,
    I, as a lot of people, are using the excellent job you made "mapping"
Scriptaculous to enjoy javascript smalltalkishly. As you where able to make
such a thing I wanted to ask what is your opinion about the starting point
of such kind of work for other toolkits for smalltalkers. I mean, I have
some years on smalltalk and I'm a newbie in javascript and I want to have an
idea of what to expect of the development in the formula
smalltalk+javascript. I know results are great, but I want to understand
more deeply the "path" to them.
    To be honest I'm interested in a couple of widgets of the dojo
javascript toolkit but I don't want to mess arround until I get it, so if I
want to "map" a smalltalkish access to them into Squeak for instance, which
should be my starting point? how the normal cycle of development should be
(I mean debugging things that are not in st debugger, javascript tutorials
that are good to smalltalkers, etc)?
    OK, maybe I'm asking for your article about your experience making
Scriptaculous accessible for Seaside. I'm pretty sure that the description
of your experience will encourage others to make things as good as the one
you made,
Sebastian Sastre

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